Brand & Reputation Crisis

A crisis – whether it is self-inflicted or caused by external factors – can cause serious damage to the brand and reputation of a company and it’s business. It can even have negative influences on the image of whole sectors or even countries. In the worst case a reputational crisis can endanger the existence of a company or institution. Therefore it is crucial to react fast and with suitable and targeted measures.

Experience in managing a crisis

We have more than 20 years of experience in Brand & Reputation Management in different positions as executives in major global corporations or institutions. That is why we know the circumstances of a crisis from different perspectives from the in- and outside and can help to navigate successfully through such crises.

Quick Response Team

In the event of extraordinary situations and events threatening the brand & reputation, we are able to put together highly professional teams helping to overcome such situations by preventing that such an extraordinary situation develops into an existential crises.