Development and Implementation of Company-specific Reputation Management Systems

A company’s reputation has a significant influence on its stakeholders and thus on the overall business success. If you want to improve your company’s or organization’s esteem among key stakeholders it is essential to first measure and evaluate it. The insights of such an evaluation help you to better understand your stakeholders and motivate them to behave in the desired way. You will also be able to identify potential reputational risks and find ways to avoid them. Company-specific reputation management systems are an effective way to achieve just that.

Extensive research required for reputation management systems

We have more than two decades of intensive experience in developing and implementing reputation management systems for a variety of organizations and companies. The development of reputation management systems requires profound data and research. If needed, we assist you in finding a suitable market research firm to conduct qualitative and quantitative research – including Request for Proposal (RFP) definition, project and quality management, evaluation, documentation, presentation of results and executive summaries.

Tailored solutions for your company or organization

Based on the findings we will develop a customized proposal specifically tailored for the needs of your company. You will receive individually developed reputation scorecards and dashboards. We also support the implementation of the key findings throughout your company or organization. This includes for example concrete business drivers and key messages. You will be completely and actively involved in the implementation process in order to further improve your company’s overall business success.

If you want to learn more about reputation management systems in general or are interested in a customized reputation management system for your company or organization, please contact us.

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