Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (Integrated CSR)

Do Corporate Responsibility activities contribute to your organization’s reputation? Are ESG (Environment – Social – Governance) activities aligned with your corporate strategy? Are they “on brand”? Are you – as the accountable CSR manager – in close exchange with brand and reputation management? Do you have all relevant information in order to align CSR activities with other activities that address relevant stakeholders? Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (Integrated CSR) will help to answer alls these questions with a clear “Yes”.

Our Approach

Our approach of Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (Integrated CSR) is based on the fact that CSR and Brand and Reputation management have a common ground. Both are rooted in a stakeholder-oriented perspective. Both give guidance to further develop the organization and drive innovation. Internal exchange and co-operation between CSR and Brand and Reputation management have high potential for more efficiency. CSR tools like materiality matrices contain valuable information for Brand and Reputation management – results of reputation analysis and evaluation are crucial for an informed CSR management. In short: Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (Integrated CSR) should be at the heart of stakeholder-guided Brand and Reputation Management.

Risks of non-integrated CSR

Then again, non-alignment of CSR and Brand and Reputation management bears high risk of severe reputation damages to the entire organization. It is the typical source of accusations like “green-washing”, “cover-up” and “in-transparency”. Strategically isolated action and detached communication generate confusing signals towards core stakeholders. The result is loss of authenticity and credibility. In other words: if Corporate Social Responsibility is not integrated an organization is likely to be less effective and to permanently bear reputational risks.

Our Services

When working on Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (Integrated CSR) our support encompasses analysis, strategy definition and assistance in developing subsequent programs. We observe all relevant internal and external points of contact between CSR activities and we seek close co-operation with functions like corporate brand and corporate reputation management. It is our goal to develop strategies aligned with an overall brand and reputation strategy but distinct in its contribution to the organization’s success. Each project is tailored to the individual corporation, association, or institution, since we are aware that Corporate Social Responsibility is specific to each sector, each industry and each organization.

If you want to learn more about Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility or our other services, please do not hesitate to contact us.