Ranking Management

More than 500 reputation rankings – e.g. Fortune´s “World´s Most Admired Companies”, “Best Places to Work”, Newsweek´s “Green Rankings” or Interbrand´s “Best Global Brands” – are regularly published in renowned business or trade media worldwide. Many of these rankings have significant influence on how key stakeholders perceive your company or organization. This is why Ranking Management is of high importance for your company.

Better navigate in the maze of rankings

Many managers in Communications, Public Affairs, Marketing or HR departments have to deal with some of these rankings on a regular basis. And most managers’ executives ask them questions like “Why is our company not listed?” or – even worse – “How come that competitor X is rated on top of us?” and “Which of these 500+ rankings are relevant for the good reputation of our company?” Essential questions that need to be answered, and that trigger further questions, including: “Can we manage rankings – and if yes, how?“. Ranking management is a useful way to better navigate in the maze of rankings.

Ranking Management: Identifying and analyzing the relevant rankings for your company

Does that sound familiar to you? Have you been asked similar questions within your organization? Based on our experience and regular contacts with the makers of brand & reputation rankings worldwide, we know how they can be managed efficiently. Out of the 500+ universe, we will help you identify those (usually 10 to 20) rankings that really do matter most for the (good or bad) reputation of your company or organization. Based on a detailed analysis, you will receive a benchmark report on your competitors’ current performance and your own in the identified key rankings as well as a customized action plan that will enable you to concentrate your resources where it matters, and enter or improve your position against competition. If required, we can then also support you implement the action plan and monitor success.

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We are regularly assessing and rating relevant international reputation rankings in our Rated Rankings.

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