Markus Renner’s fields of consulting include:

  • Every topic around building, protecting and restoring the good reputation of companies, institutions, associations, (sports) clubs and individuals (also see his website)
  • Every topic around building, protecting and revitalizing product and company brands
  • Development and implementation of customized Brand and Reputation Management Systems
  • The business impact of Reputation, the so-called “Return on Reputation” (also see LinkedIn group)
  • Reputation Measurement & Research, Analysis & Evaluation
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Stakeholder Management
  • Brand Portfolio and Brand Architecture (Product and Corporate)
  • Brand Identity and Brand Positioning (Product and Corporate)
  • Personal Branding and CEO/Chairman Positioning
  • Country of Origin Branding, COOB (also see LinkedIn group)
  • Rankings and Ratings Management (also see LinkedIn group)
  • Corporate Communications
  • Marketing Strategy and Marketing Planning
  • Issues and Crisis Management
  • Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Employer Branding