Guest commentary on VW reputation crisis in “Handelsblatt”

kommentar_markus_renner_vw_skandalThe VW emissions scandal makes massive waves particularly in Germany, the country of origin of Volkswagen. “Handelsblatt”, the leading German business newspaper, published a special issue on the scandal. Markus Renner, Co-Owner of Branding-Institute and Co-Chairman of the International Brand & Reputation Community (INBREC), wrote a guest commentary on the reputational impact of the scandal.

In his commentary, Markus states that the scandal will massively damage the reputation and business success of Volkswagen. But that is not all. The manipulations made by Volkswagen put at risk one of Germany’s most important competitive advantages: the “Made in Germany” attribute, which stands for quality and reliability. Markus’ recommendation to all multinational corporations is a professional reputation management.

Please click here to read the full guest commentary (in German). Markus also gave an interview to “return – Magazin für Unternehmensführung und Sanierung” on the scandal, which can be accessed here (in German).

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