Interview with South African radio station “Channel Africa”

Interview with South African radio station Channel AfricaMarkus Renner, Co-Owner and Managing Partner of Branding-Institute and Co-Chairman of the International Brand & Reputation Community (INBREC), was invited to an interview with the South African radio channel “Channel Africa”.

Presenter Pule Phalatse interviewed him on the relation between brand and reputation, positive and negative impacts on brands and the brand South Africa. Markus Renner elaborated in particular on the “Country of Origin Effect” – the positive and negative effects the country a brand comes from has on its products and services. He mentioned Swiss watches as a positive example and Samsung smartphones as a negative one. The latter are sold without branding in Japan because of the bad reputation of Korea.

Asked about the brand South Africa Markus Renner underlined that there are not only negative association with the country brand like corruption or safety issues. For him the brand South Africa is particularly interesting, as it has risen in relevant country brand rankings though democracy in South Africa has only been installed 22 years ago.

The occasion of his trip to South Africa is the third meeting of the African chapter of the International Brand & Reputation Community (INBREC), a dedicated forum for senior brand and reputation professionals of mostly large corporations and organizations. Currently, there are six country chapters in Switzerland, Germany, the UK, Africa, the Nordics and the Benelux states.

Channel Africa is the international radio service of the national South African broadcasting company SABC focusing on South Africa and the whole African continent. Its internet broadcast covers the whole world. Click here to listen to the interview with Markus Renner.

If you are interested in further discussions on country brand and reputation please join Markus Renner’s LinkedIn group Country of Origin Branding (COOB).

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