Keynote Speech at German Pharma Innovation Award

markus_renner_branding-institute_speech_goldene_tabletteDr. Markus Renner, Co-Owner of Branding-Institute and Visiting Professor Marketing and Reputation at Henley Business School (UK), has the honour to hold a keynote speech during the award ceremony of the renowned German pharma innovation award “Pharma Trend Image and Innovation Award” – also known as “Pharma Oscar”. The ceremony will take place on September 8th, 2015 in the German Museum in Munich, where Markus will elaborate on “The influence of trust and reputation on the business success of pharmaceutical companies”.

Organiser of the annual award is the German pharma publisher “Eurecon Verlag”, implementing the ceremony for the 16th time this year. The prizes are awarded in two different categories: The “Goldene Tablette” (golden pill) awards for the most innovative pharma companies and the “Most Innovative Product” awards. In each category, there are prizes in ten different medical specialisations from general medicine to urology.

Other than usual jury-driven awards, the honourees of “Pharma Trend Image and Innovation Award” are chosen by a representative survey among 900 medical doctors from ten different specialisations in Germany. They are asked a couple of business- and reputation-relevant questions, e.g. which pharma company and which medicine they think is the most innovative in their specialisation – and why. Among the nominees, there are both well-known and global pharmaceutical companies like Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline or Sanofi as well as medium-sized family businesses like Medice. As of next year, Eurecon Verlag plans to also conduct the survey in other large European and key overseas countries as well.

To learn more about the awards, please visit the Goldene Tablette website.

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