Red Bull – Beverage or Sports Company?

Interview_Marco_Casanove_Red_Bull_SRF_Echo_der_ZeitRB Leipzig, an Eastern German football club sponsored by Red Bull, made it to the first German football league (1. Bundesliga) for the first time. The renowned Swiss radio show “Echo der Zeit” used the success story as an occasion to ask whether Red Bull is still a beverage or already a sports company.

The Swiss national broadcaster SRF invited Marco Casanova, co-founder and managing partner of Branding-Institute, to answer this question from a marketing and brand management expert’s point of view.

In his opinion Red Bull has developed from a beverage to a sports and media company. In their early years they successfully occupied a market niche for their products – the world of sports and adrenaline. Today Red Bull is sponsor of several sports teams and athletes. They use their own media to promote these teams and athletes and finally sell their energy drink.

Click here to listen to the full interview (in German).

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