Update: Fortune Most Admired Companies 2015

branding-institute_blog_fortune_most_admired_companies_2015As usual in early spring, Fortune Magazine has published its annual “Most Admired Companies” ranking. Last year we have taken a closer look into the methodology in our Rated Ranking. We think the ranking is a highly valuable tool for corporate managers of large corporations to find out how they are perceived by their peers in terms of reputation. Click here to access the detailed evaluation of the last year’s edition.

2015 Results

Compared to the 2014 results there are only minor changes in the Top 4 of the ranking. Apple can again defend its title as “Most Admired Company” followed by Google (rank three 2014), Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (rank four in 2014) and Amazon (rank two in 2014). As in previous years, the ranking is dominated by US companies. The highest-ranking non-US company is the German car manufacturer BMW ranked No. 15.


Fortune Magazine and their longstanding research partner Hay Group did not change the methodology. To create the 55 industry lists, they have asked executives of 668 companies from 29 countries to rank peers in their own industry on nine different criteria. 4,104 executives, directors and analysts having replied to the industry surveys were then asked to select ten companies they admire most from any industry. This sometimes produces misleading results. For example, Southwest Airlines ranks No. 7 on the overall list but missed to enter the airline industry list.

The 2015 list can be accessed on the Fortune website.

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