Brand & Reputation Rankings have an impact on how important stakeholders perceive brands and how they evaluate organizations and persons, including CEOs and other executives. Today, more than 500 brand and rankings are published world-wide, and almost every week new ones are showing up in key media and online.

By reducing their complexity, categorizing them and deducing their key insights, Brand & Reputation Rankings can be an invaluable contribution to learn how companies, organizations or individuals are perceived and “ranked”, as compared to peers.

But which rankings

  • are really relevant for whom?
  • provide added value and insights?
  • have trustworthy intentions?
  • are methodologically convincing?

Branding-Institute regularly publishes assessments by its experts on Brand & Reputation Rankings. This is a way we intend to support organizations in their need to better understand the value and the impact of published rankings for their brands and reputation. Additionally, we will promote convincing rankings and also disclose the less valuable and useless ones, according to our transparent ranking evaluation system.

Our Methodology

Branding-Institute’s ranking assessments are based on four key criteria:

  • Relevance & Impact of Ranking
  • Added Value & Insights of Ranking
  • Trustworthiness & Intention of Ranking provider and media outlet
  • Methodology of Ranking

Each of those criteria consists of several leading questions that define our indicators to assess a ranking. If you have further questions, please send us an e-mail to