Brand Governance

Are you sure that all brands in your corporation are well protected? How many brands does the brand universe of your organization contain? And how many of them are really active and how many are significant for business? Are you sure to be compliant with relevant requirements to manage and protect all brands? A professional Brand Governance system helps you to effectively and legally compliant manage the brand universe of your company.

The issues of brand governance

While more and more corporations put professional efforts in strategic approaches towards brand development too many of them lose sight of professional brand governance once a brand is developed and registered. Many organizations have brand universes of several hundreds, sometimes even thousands of brands that tie up resources. At the same time many of these brands are not relevant for business while others that could become significant are not employed and therefore endangered to loose their trademark protection.

A strategic and structured approach to brand governance

This is why we offer a strategic and structured process to analyze, to straighten and to manage the brand universe of corporations. The starting point is always to develop an analyzing system tailored to the business case of the respective organization. In implementation we co-operate with our partners in an international law firm to professionally cover all legal aspects of brand governance. The result is a professional brand governance system in compliance with legal requirements, maintaining the value of the brand universe and bearing the potential to safe valuable resources.

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