Marketing Strategy and Marketing Implementation

Recently, there has been a paradigm shift in the areas of Marketing Strategy and Marketing Implementation. This big mental shift, which is happening in all different kinds of industries (e.g. Pharma industry), is that they are heading more towards true value creation than just selling products. In other words, it is rather less about the short-term sells focus than the mid-term relationship focus developing loyal customers. So, for instance, Mc Donald’s philosophy has evolved into “We are no longer in the hamburger business, serving people; we are in the people’s business, serving hamburgers”.

State-of-the-Art Marketing

Our marketing approach (see chart below) distinguishes between three phases: The first is called “Ex ante” and covers the choice of marketing actions with the highest possible future impact on marketing ROI. The second phase is “in action” and encompasses the implementation of various marketing activities as well as their monitoring and further development. The third and final phase is called “Ex post” and stands for Marketing controlling, which includes the measurement and evaluation of the ROI of the marketing activities.


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