Guest commentary: Company rankings – why some of them can be used as “seals of quality”

More than 500 company rankings are published every year. In a guest commentary for “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” – one of the most reputable and credible newspapers in Europe – Markus Renner, Co-Owner of Branding-Institute and Co-Chairman of the International Brand & Reputation Community (INBREC), gives advice on how to separate the useful from the useless ones.

Added to the sheer mass of more than 500 company rankings every year there are several rankings on the same aspect like “the most innovative companies”, “the most valuable brands” or “the most attractive employers”. When looking at the results there are often huge differences in the rank and evaluation of the same company. This is due to different methodological approaches. For example, there are quantitative rankings based on mere financial measures and qualitative rankings based on surveys or a jury’s opinion.

In order not to lose track of this maze of rankings Markus Renner provides a checklist for sorting the good from the bad rankings in his commentary. Click here to read the original version of the article (in German) or click here to download the English translation.

Branding-Institute has also developed a “Ranking of the Rankings”. This tool lists all rankings assessed and rated by Branding-Institute and enables you to filter the list by different criteria.

If you are interested in further discussions on the topic please join Markus Renner’s LinkedIn Group Ranking Management.

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